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More Photos and Comments

After reading what has already been posted, there really isn't to much to say. But I have to say a BIG thanks to Reidy008, yb, for the tracks, azredline for the pre-riding the tracks (even though he got lost, has a gps and has no flippin clue how to use it) and Mil T and Ghost for chasing us down and providing help along the way.

This group of riders, when you get them all together it's always a blast. Lot's of laughs, always help when you need it and they all look out for each other. You couldn't ask for anything more. up to everyone that went along. Now for a few pictures. I didn't take too many, only 97 but most of them are not very good so I will spare you all the pain in looking at all of them.

Here is my first shot of the day in Florence, I forgot to take any at the Waffle House

Cyberdos checking his tires.......I wonder if this jinxed us?

Big E ready to go....

And here comes the Raptor

4play looking on thinking WTF......then oh man, this isn't going to be good

These guys were pissed off.....

Here is Big E after coming down that Nasty Hill

Did anyone say their were rocks on this ride

Snack time, the hill made everyone a little hungry

Montek with the only shade available cooling down while we were waiting for the rest of the crew

Cyberdos and azredline were off to climb the nasty hill to see where the others were

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