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Riiiiiiight, come out here for a day or two and pass judgement. Pro-tip, the "misters" make it more humid under them. I don't know why some of the sporting venues have them because as you said, it makes it worse. The humidity you felt was man made from the misters and you being in a grass field. Seriously, do the math. Those misters usually mist out cold water at high end patios and outdoor malls for a bit of relief in the heat of the summer.

I won't deny for one bit that it gets incredibly hot here, but it is not humid. I have been to every state in America and lived in just about every part of California before. California is way more humid than Phoenix.

Yes it's hot, no it's not humid. There are amazing riding roads all around the state and just outside the city and even within the city and year round riding as well. I'll admit, parts of SoCal are probably the ultimate for year round riding, but you have to deal with WAY higher prices, way more congestion and 90% of the roads in California are in terrible condition. I also like how the architecture here is generally a lot nicer, newer and more well kept on "average." Too much old stuff that isn't well kept enough in California for my taste.

I'm generalizing everything other than the fact that it's not humid here at all. The OP could move to half the united states and get year round riding and probably find some nice roads in all honesty. Just be prepared, if you choose California or for that matter even Florida these days, you're going to be paying high prices. If you have it? Certainly worth a look, but not worth it in my opinion if you don't have the $$$.
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