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Originally Posted by xymotic View Post
It's not like I'm making it up or alone in my assessment, Phoenix in August was the surface of the sun, AND incredibly humid.

Come back for a few days? No thanks. FWIW I've spent the last 4 winters in Yuma.

THe question is best place to live for riding, for me, there is NO WAY I'd be riding in AZ in the summer. At best it's really frikken hot. but in my own admittedly limited experience PHX gets an inversion layer of heat, humidity and Smog that makes it just nasty. I'd Pick San Diego or LA over that any day of the week.
Sorry man, but you are just flat out misinformed.

I lived in San Diego for a long time and in Los Angeles as well. I actually like both places a lot, but Phoenix is leaps and bounds less humid. I don't even know how you can compare it. Did you happen to read the link you pasted? (You pasted the same one twice by the way.) First of all, it's in Tuscon, not Phoenix. Scottsdale = Part of Phoenix. Also, it's talking about Monsoon Season. The first reply talks about how they come, pour some rain down and it's humid for a few days. It burns off quite quickly. The monsoons never last more than a day or two at a time and are quite rare at that, they are not back to back. It use to rain all the damn time in the winter in San Diego. Once again, I'll give you the fact that this place is no doubt hot, but it is a very dry heat as this popular saying that circulates here in the Valley describes. Also, the smog here is not bad at all. Especially when compared to Los Angeles- like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? lol.

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