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Originally Posted by xymotic View Post
I just linked you to the humidity reports, the proof is right there. The first two responses in that link are very misleading and *gasp* also uninformed. This is taken from your exact link further down by the way...:

Fester Frump answered 5 years ago
Generally no. It's never humid like it can be on the east coast. What happens in the southern part of Arizona (Phoenix area & south) is they get these outrageous thunderstorms called "monsoon rains". It rains like hell for a short period of time, after those it will be humid until all the water evaporates - which takes less than a day.

GreasyTony answered 5 years ago
Only during Monsoon season, but it's not unbearable and it's not everyday. A Monsoon is sort of a summer thunder storm, so it only gets humid when the clouds are hanging around, but the storm does cool it down a lot as it's raining, and when it's stops, that's when you really feel it. But it's nothing like Texas or Michigan.

meintsm answered 5 years ago
Humidity is not a problem until it comes to the Monsoon that start soon. But that is hit and miss. But all in all there is really very little humidity in Phx. Most summer days are around 10%.

Look buddy, it boils down to this. I have lived in both places for years at a time. Have you? You've admitted you were in Phoenix for only a few days.

I'm not disrespecting any place at all, I actually hate to see people do that and gloat. California is a lovely place, if you can deal with the prices. And I'm certainly not saying it doesn't get hot here, because it does. But it is not humid and it is not nearly as smoggy as a lot of other big cities in the united states. It sounds like you came after a monsoon, another pro-tip is that after the monsoons and during that kind of weather it can kick up a lot of dust. Look up "Haboob" to see what I mean.
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