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This looks like a comfy camp.

The back view

Until now I had no idea John Deere made wagons.

A good example of modern day vs. a time gone by.

I like touristy stuff

Goody, theyíre open.




Times sure have changed.

Hello, Mom?


Talking with one of the Ladies in town we found out until just this summer the population was 26. Sadly two brothers passed away within just a few weeks of each other a few months earlier. She told us what they died from but I forgot Ė maybe one had a heart attack and the other had cancer.

Back outside to see what else we could find.


Uh oh, MTLee decided to do some clothes shopping.
Itís the horsey shirt!

Oh my gawd she likes it. It goes well with the windchime.

Meanwhile Rainbow007 was going for the leopard trimmed hand bag.

What? Closed? OK fine weíll go somewhere else.

For all you guys I got a picture of a pretty little biker chick for your viewing pleasure.

Be sure to watch for traffic while in Shaniko

We make a quick stop at the hotel and MTLee and Rainbow007 rapidly made friends with the hottest men in town.

Sheesh, they both have mates, Iím the only one single, and they hog the good men. OK fineÖ.. I'll have ice cream instead but first I need to peek through the windows of the hotel.
It sure is a pretty lobby. Too bad itís closed.

Rainbow007 didnít want to join us for ice cream she wanted to play with her computer instead. There was a rattlesnake sign out there too but she didn't care.

With all the rattlesnake warnings it was getting a little tense. MTLee tipped her head just right while she was standing next to the table and her bifocals made it look like there was something wiggly in one of the cracks. I had no idea MTLee could jump that far.
Ice cream parlor

Similar to an internet cafť they have a phone.

MTLee and I got ice cream but didnít slow down long enough to get a picture of it. It was yum yum good.
After the ice cream was devoured MTLee let it slip that she was soon to be married and said she thought she would wear the horsey shirt for the ceremony. I was excited to hear she was getting married and started squealing like and excited teenaged girl. Then things got real silly and we had lots of laughs as MTLee tried on her wedding dress.
Oh yes, over the camel back. No need to get dehydrated during the ceremony, always be prepared.

Score, it fits and even buttons up and over the camel back.

Just in case you arenít able to see the design on the shirt in the pictures those are horse shoes with a horse head in them.
Letís see how it looks on the bike. Wedding dress/riding jersey it's a multi purpose horsey shirt.

Iíll bet this was a lot funnier to us while we were there than it is to those of you reading this. Just thinking back at all the jokes makes me giggle sitting here in my living room.
Remember what I said about good memories? Well, I have them.
Just in case you are tempted to break the law in Shaniko just a reminder how they deal with lawbreakers.

Letís see where this takes us

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