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Alone in the wild

What a great crew of riders and chase truck drivers to be out in the desert with. When we started planning this ride there were some hard decision to make.

First, can we make the loop in two days? Should be no trouble provide not to many mechanicals or unforseen time losses

Second, how many riders would we take? We started out thinking maybe 6 tops to keep mahem down a little... but then we realised that we specialize in mahem.

Third, when would be the best time to do it that would provide doable tempratures and enough day light. Early October was selected.

About 6pm on Saturday evening in the middle of nowhere as I stood next to my bike with not a sole around me and little knowledge of where anyone was I said to myself...... Self "WTF" .... I listened intently to see if I might here a bike.... maybe Julio would relise he missed me at the turn and turn around? Maybe Buddy and Steve would ride up from one direction or another?

This is adventure riding at it's best guys and I had a smile on my face thinking how great this moment was. Now to start figuring out how to get everyone back together.....

To be continued...
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