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Local rides, and some geocaching

It's been a while since I posted anything in this thread- time for riding has been limited but I've managed to get out on some local trails and back roads, so I'll post up a few pictures of what the riding is like right near home.

The town where I live, like many small towns, is spiderwebbed with ATV trails, old railroad grades, and old mining roads left over from the days of the iron mines. And once out of town, there are miles of forest and logging roads to explore. I don't ride them as much as I used to, jaded perhaps, but lately I've been hitting a few old familiar trails.

I recently took up Geocaching, which has been part of the reason I've been revisiting the local stuff. It goes well with dual sport riding, and gives even a short, after-work ride a sense of purpose, if just riding isn't enough of a purpose. I found there were several caches fairly close to home, near trails I've ridden many times.

So I'll post some images from rides I've taken in the past four or five weeks, all short afternoon or morning rides.

This, my first find, is less than a mile from my house, just off a trail I've ridden countless times. There's a cache somewhere here, in this old car.

I think most of that will buff out.

A few miles into Wisconsin is Spring Camp Falls. Most people view this from the west side, but there's also a road in from the east, and there's a geocache there. A view of the falls:

This was a tough one to find, I'll post a spoiler picture here but this tree was a ways off the trail and I nearly gave up:

There's something vaguely obscene about this, or is it just me?

Some great roads:

Rode over to Upson Falls, a real gem of a waterfall that's right off the road. In fact you can see it without even getting out of your car if you want. There's a town park and campground there, and the spot is popular with photographers taking outdoor portraits, especially seniors (the high school kind, not the fifty cent coffee kind). Plenty of water still, even in mid September:

And there's a cache here:

A few days later I headed over to some trails in the hills south of Bessemer, looking for a couple more caches.
This is typical of the area- drive down a street and you see a trail heading off into some woods:

This one's a little washed out:

There are lots of caved-in areas, the result of all the mining that used to go on here. This fence is surrounding about a 5 acre hole in the ground.

Somewhere along the fence line is a cache. See it?

Another old road, this one was paved!

Found this cache, the biggest one I've found so far.

Common sight in the woods:

September 24, a short after-work ride to see how the leaves were looking.
Starting to get some color, but nowhere near their best:

Hogsback road, so named because most of it runs along a ridgeline with steep ravines both sides.

I rode some yesterday and the colors were at their peak, so I'll work on getting a few of those pics posted. Just had to get caught up on the earlier stuff first. Thanks for looking in.

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