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i can only say the one place i have rode. greater los angeles. if it sucked i would dream of somewhere better to live and ride. but i can't, really. or at least don't feel the need to

if you know the area we have lots of good roads and routes to ride. getting through traffic for our legal lane splitting is truly surreal at times. at least after driving over half my life. traffic really isn't there. i never think about it

it only rains 35 days a year on average, just enough to get around otherwise those days. even if renting a car for weather on those days you come out way ahead as you get to RIDE all the others. or just use your SO's car or family van or keep a $2000 beater around and drive it 35 days a year. could be worse. i rented vehicles some days last year. half the rainy ones, i would say. hated it, but kept me dry and out of slippery stuff until the rains end. watch that slippery stuff after the rain, though!

if you ride in Southern California it means you can ride to a real desert, a real beach, real snow, real mountains, great cities, and freakin' Disneyland if you like, all in one day. or a weekend, at least. its a big area but all is still close by. i say "real" up top because it really is a place with distinct geography and weather. you can be dying of heat stroke in palm springs one hour and the next hour be in Santa Monica chugging cold beer and thinking "where the hell is palm springs?"

i like our deserts, btw :)

there are lot's of great places to live and ride year 'round, i believe. imo its where ever its a mostly dry climate, but not freezing. i don't know of cold, but don't like it. another good reason for SoCal to get my vote. the only vote i can cast, really. and i feel lucky to be able to say that
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