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Originally Posted by Tripped1 View Post
2) How was there no failsafe or indicator that the rear wheel sensor was gone? I get lights all over the place if my truck throws a sesnor, and you are telling me that there is no indicator on something as over-engineered as a MotoGP bike?
It is entirely possible, that there is some sort of warning light in the instrument panel. But noticing in the heat of the race, that such a light has come on, and what it means, in those few seconds, that Dani had between the contact and the highside, is practically impossible. I´m also betting, that it is a very VERY rare occurrence, that your traction control system quits in the middle of the race.

The vulnerable design of the sensor wire, and having no TC failsafe mode (considering the above, I don´t consider “Switch Directly to Full Power” to be such a mode!) are two things, that seem to have caught HRC engineers by surprise.
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