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Of course its going to default to WFO.

This isn't a bike that Honda is worried about getting a lawsuit on (wanna bet that if it were a CBR it would go to full on rain mode) this is arguably the fastest road course motorcycle ever built with two of the very best riders in the world on it. There is no limp mode. If there is an indicator than at best all you can count one is a light. Throwing into limp mode would mean losing points. That being said "traction control issues" cause riders down all the time. Now whether they are senor related or not, I've no idea, but for ECMs that run predictive and adaptive mappings they HAVE to have a sensor check and sanity check.

Eithe rway, my point wasn't about the actual operation of the TC rider aid features, it was more about the idea that Marquez would need to be sanctioned. The very idea is ridiculous, it was a freak incident, if the contact hadn't manged to ONLY take out that wire without either rider going down that would be one thing, but that wasn't what happened that was two guys racing.
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