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Baucau beach and bike repairs

Now in Baucau resting in luxury in an air-conditioned room with a big bed and hot water.

Had a brilliant sleep in quiet cool comfort and woke up to breakfast of egg, bread and jam and of course a big jug of Timor Coffee.
The bracket holding the back of the XR tank which Iíd fashioned out of a thin piece of metal strap didnít stand up to the punishment of the Jaco track causing the tank to drop at the back and rest on top of the carburettor. So I went searching for a workshop. Found a place that seemed to do everything including upholstery.
Broken strap
 photo WP_20131008_003.jpg

PB had a small rip in the front of the seat pad when I bought it so I patched it with cloth tape. Here was an opportunity to fix it properly so after negotiating a fair price the seat was removed, a new stronger bracket was fabricated for the tank and the seat now has a lovely tan piece at the front which contrasts nicely with the black.
 photo WP_20131008_002.jpg

Took a ride down a long winding road to Baucau Beach for a look
 photo WP_20131008_008.jpg
Then explored a bit further and found this old Portuguese fortification.
 photo WP_20131008_010.jpg
Returned for another look at the beach and decided to stay a night. I asked at the Baucau Beach Bungalows if they had any room but was informed that the bungalow was already occupied, bugger.
 photo WP_20131008_012.jpg
The grounds have lovely big breadfruit trees casting lots of shade which looked ideal for camping. We negotiated a rate and hey presto up goes the tent on a very soft patch of lawn under a small pomegranate tree.
 photo WP_20131008_013.jpg
The beach is lined with palm trees and fisherman huts and a string of boats anchored just offshore. Thereís one small cabana on the beach selling drinks and food. A walking path heading east leads to a couple of more little beaches with equally stunning views.
Late afternoon at the beach.
 photo WP_20131008_016.jpg
Had dinner at the beach hut with the couple who had beat me to the bungalow
 photo WP_20131008_017.jpg
Then early to bed for another restful sleep.
Got up early to take in the sunrise
 photo WP_20131009_008.jpg
Then one last look at the beach and off to Dili
 photo WP_20131009_010.jpg
Climbed a hill to a lookout over Manatuto
 photo WP_20131009_011.jpg
Now back in Timor backpackers getting some washing done and updating this.
Off towards Indonesian West Timor tomorrow.
I'm lost, I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, have me wait.
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