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Originally Posted by Tripped1 View Post
Of course its going to default to WFO.

This isn't a bike that Honda is worried about getting a lawsuit on (wanna bet that if it were a CBR it would go to full on rain mode) this is arguably the fastest road course motorcycle ever built with two of the very best riders in the world on it. There is no limp mode. If there is an indicator than at best all you can count one is a light. Throwing into limp mode would mean losing points.
Well, throwing the rider sky-high can mean losing points, AND a few broken bones, which is even worse. Wasn´t very far in DP´s case, he did take a big knock.

How about flashing a bright light on the cockpit for, say, 10 seconds, and during this time, the power is cut (....and actually they might not even have to cut top-end horsepower, but rather adjust for a bit softer power delivery, so the rider has a better chance of keeping the machine under control). Even if the rider does not see the light on the cockpit, when turning the throttle grip, he will feel that the engine does not respond in the same way, and becomes aware that something is wrong. Then after 10 seconds, the light stops flashing, but stays on, and NOW you are back to full power? The problem was, there was not enough time to communicate anything to the rider, so no TC + full power straight away was a hopeless situation.
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