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So I was in a good mood on our way through the woods. We had just done the war loop road when about 60 miles after the flat I had a terrible funny feeling again.

I stopped and looked down only to see that my feeling was right. The rear tire was going flat again. On the map I saw that a street wasn't too far away so I slowly went on and tried to reach the pavement before the rim was on the ground. Once on the street I got off the bike and felt the tire. I almost burned my hand. It was burning hot from the driving without air. While we were discussing what to do A pickup cam out of the woods and stopped. the young guy in it asked if we needed help and actually had a small compressor with him. We connedted it to the wheel but had no chance in filling the tube. It was just to slow. We asked him about the next town, hotel and campground. The town wasn't very far, and a campsite was just in sight. At least a bit of luck. I slowly rolled to the campground. It was completly empty but the shower block was open with hot water and we had food for the night so it was good enough for us. I had a look at the tube in the rear and found out that the patch had come off. I remembered that someone had told me that patches don't hold on the thick tubes, but I had never tried it out. (Does anyone know anything?) I have patched alot of holes in normal tubes in the past and never had problems. So we thought it was not worth patching the hole again. We decided that Sandra would drive to the town close by tommorrow mornig and get a new tube while I tear down our camp and look if the nail yesterday had maybe caused some scratches to the rim with sharpe edges. I was hardly finished with everything when Sandra came back with a thumbs up. One new spare front tube and a new tube for the rear. It was a 17" instead of a 18" but was all she could get and it would work.

Getting air into the new tube:

A couple of minutes later we were on our way again.

When we reached Oark it was time to fill up and get a bite to eat.

There were some well known stickers on the front door of the cafe.

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