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Originally Posted by Tripped1 View Post
I'm not a huge Marquez fan, but you can't even say the move was over aggressive, Dani slammed the door on Marquez and pushed him clear off the track and THEN punted himself if what I remember was at all accurate.
First, I am intentionally ignoring your reasons. The first, I somewhat agree with you having banged fairings at relatively high club level racing. And the second, I fully agree with you with the caveat that even if he had warning indicators, the timing was too quick to have done anything except get pitched into low earth orbit.

But having re-watched the incident, I will address the quoted part.
Dani was on the racing line. He was taking a slightly defensive line but by no means slammed the door on Marc. Marc was very hot into the turn and was already running wide well before he had even started to tip in...heavy braking...
He then proceeded to square off the corner in an attempt to salvage as much as he could from the incident. The abrupt line change just happened to bring him back around and into the back of Dani's bike. The "racing incident" ( and I completely agree that it was a fluke at best) was fully on Marc as Dani was taking the same defensive lines that he has used virtually all season when pressured by Marc.

As I said, I don't argue that the incident was a complete fluke. But I do argue that Marc has made many questionable passing calls through the season when it was obvious given another lap or two, it was obvious he had the pace to make a much more calculated and "safe" pass.
Just my HO...not meant as fact or to incite the wrath and ire of those who are seemingly much more in the know than I appear to be.
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