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Originally Posted by Tonk View Post
Just looking for the best area in the country to ride a bike year round?

I'm thinking SoCal?? Nice weather year round, good terrain and a good starting point to ride in places like Mexico, the Rockies, and even Alaska. Traffic, not so sure tho?

What's great about your state/region?

Maine has some of the best riding in the country, for about 8 months. It's not the snow or even the cold that ruins the other 4 months, but the road salt. I'm always jealous in January of the guys down in Texas, still riding. Then I think about July in Texas and I don't feel so bad

Where is the perfect balance of weather, accessibility and awesome terrain to own an ADV bike?
I start having the same thoughts this time every year

I daydream about Arizona, but I'm not sure I could handle the heat and congestion of Phoenix. It doesn't seem like there's much in the way of jobs in any of the more hospitable AZ cities like Prescott or Flagstaff.

I lived in the Los Angeles area for a while, and while the weather is great, I hated the traffic and congestion.

I think for me the key is taking a motorcycle-related vacation to somewhere sunny and warm in February. I'm working on being able to make that happen every year
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