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Several of you have posted about the "overgrown"-ness of FR205 that connects with FR206 (Walker Mt Rd) in the Bland/Wytheville area of the BRT. I have shared on a couple of other threads and thought I would pass along on this one that my son and I made it across the entire 14 miles (give or take) in his Jeep Wrangler (well scratched edition) this past Sunday. I took a chainsaw and some limb cutters along for the ride and used them both heavily as well as snapping small branches by hand along the route. It is much more easily passable now, but is still a very demanding trail in several places and would be a chore on a large bike. I plan on going back with a dual sport group soon or with my son and more of his Jeep friends to do some more trail clearing in the next month or so and will update with more details and pics then. In the meantime, if you would like to see some pics from this Sunday's Jeep pass, here is the link to the public facebook file I posted...if you have an FB account you will have access to all the pics.

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