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Originally Posted by rsks View Post
I got a question. It's my first time doing this ride and I want to run my trials rear tire MT43. I was checking out pictures and it seems as if there are a lot of people running these tires. How does it perform in the sand? What pressure are people running for such high speeds and distances?
run knobbies. a friend that swears by MT43 admitted that knobbies are better in the sand.

and the MT43 is not good downhill. and there are a lot of loose downhill sections.

but if you do run this tire, run it around 6-8 lbs psi with heavy duty tubes. as far as I've heard, Bridgestone is no longer making motorcycle tubes. there's a new brand STI that seems to be good so far. but there thickness rating system is off....
their heavy duty is a regular.... their Ultra is a heavy duty..... their extreme is an Ultra. yeah, it's dumb that they're rating is off, but they're good tubes.

again, I say go with a knobbie.
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