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Originally Posted by inline4 View Post well does that thing pull a trailer in the hills?

I went two teeth down on my rear sprocket and one up on the front. Four speed with overdrive. Climbs hills and pushes strong headwinds at 60-70 mph. Runs 75-85 in fifth on the flats. That's with about 100 lbs load in Spud (220lb total).

Strong winds. Having never pulled a trailer with a bike before, I assumed strong side winds would have the trailer push the pull rig about like a rudder. Not so. The force at the hitch accents counter-steer, lessens the force needed at the bars to shoulder the wind. When the wind shifts and eddies, the bike flips it's lean with lighter steering than with out a trailer, and the track remains true, Spud acting like a sea anchor.

Rode to town and bought some stove pipe, stowed it in spud and stopped to pick up 'Panda for Babe. A lady from John Day with her mother in tow, on the way to fly out to New England for a couple weeks of watching fall paint the countryside, came up to me beaming a smile. "I saw you on YouTube! My dad is going to be so surprised. He showed me your camper and all the wonderful pictures from your site. He's not going to believe I met you." I introduced myself. She snapped pictures. At 35k views on the Tube, this is not the first time this has happened.
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