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Traveling South
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Talking Why not? Function over form!

So let's see..
  1. HT Panniers.. because I need more room to carry my stuff and my Aerostich mini air pump..
  2. Top Case.. need a place for my AdMoreLighting Led Brake and turn signals..
  3. LED lights.. Well cuz I had to hook up my Skene Design's IQ-175 LED light Controller to something.. Du'h!
  4. Corbin Seat... Well because I spend so much time sitting on my bike in the garage admiring how awesome my Farkel's look that I needed a more comfy place to sit..
Now.. All I need is some riding lessons and I'll begin to enjoy the ride once I get my Motorcycle endorsement!
R1150GSA (Fiona) and K1200RS (Tortuguita)
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