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Originally Posted by randyo View Post
pretend you have no traffic if you like, your sharing that lane with someone, be it another bike or a cage.

I'd rather live where there is no reason to lane split and if ya happen to catch up with the occasional vehicle, you can go left from center (across double yellow) without fear of ticket
#1 I call BS on the whole idea that you have no need to split. I've been in the boondocks and gotten stuck in traffic. I had a 45 minute stop on the freeway in the middle of no-where in Oregon because a truck overturned and they closed the freeway to two lanes. They would have been 5 minutes in Ca.

I'm sure there are places in rural California that are decent to live, however as a whole, considering cost of living, etc.,it is not a good
The simple fact is that MOST people prefer to live in a city, on the coast. It's great that you want to be by yourself, but I like concerts and shows, having things to do and actually meeting people sometimes too. Different strokes. I can go to the country any time I like, but I kinda like LIVING a block from the grocery store.

Tennessee might rank high for some, plenty of good riding and low cost of living.
Also the highest violent crime in the nation. crap employment and you have to be surrounded by rednecks, evangelicals and racists all day long. And since we are talking about motorcycle riding, OK, Tennessee has some of the worst traffic I've ever seen. Nashville is the crossroads of every point in the nation, and being surrounded by THOUSANDS of semi's in stop and go traffic (that you can't avoid) sure ain't my idea of fun motorcycling either, AND god help you if you want a mountain to look at or ride on.

or my state, New Hampshire, ranking #1 in quality of life and while not the best or most good riding, good enuf to be a destination for riders

or Vermont #3 on quality of life, plenty of good riding, and passing on double yellow, would be my pick as #1. You say but they have winter and snow & ice everywhere, well that's your choice, I rather enjoy riding in adverse conditions as a relaxing activity.
Winters are not 'everywhere' take Socal for example. WA has some Fantastic roads, it's got more bikes per capita than Florida, but no daylight in the winter and riding in the dark, in the rain is not as much fun as it is in California. And hey, California has snow too, if you want to be in it. The point is that CA you can pick and choose exactly what you want.

Quality of life is such a subjective thing anyway it's kinda pointless. The Billionaires in Newport beach have a great quality of life and vast opportunity, the maids that clean their houses can't afford to live there. There are pockets like that everywhere.

'Good roads' does not a great year round riding environment make. *everywhere* has some good roads. Some are better than others sure, but seriously I'd much rather have a car pull over and let me pass than passing on a double line in a curve. And I'd put Highway 1 up against anything anywhere for a good motorcycle road. and it's one of many, deserts, sand dunes, mexico/Vegas resorts, mountains, skiing, you name it it's within easy reach of Socal. And good Roads, And Year round riding, And cars that respect bikes And lane Splitting and less traffic BS. It's not a fair fight if where to ride is the criteria.
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Oh for ***k's sake Aaron. Please link us to my fascist, racist or homophobic posts.
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