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I have lived in; need to ever go back..(it's home) Tornados are cool in away..I was on the East side..saw plenty

Florida..Why own a motorcycle, get a boat, humid sweat, hot, sweat, humid, hot..wife's from there, go back all the time..own a house in Clearwater..inlaws live on a lake..three days..all I can take..

Colorado..more than 20 years..bought my first GS there..great mountains..good roads..all the trees are dying from beetle kill..three seasons..Fire, mud, cold..but it is my adopted home..and I love going back to visit friends..the place I thought I would always eventually return too..

Las Vegas..Hated it when we first got grew on me in ways..lotsa great off road riding close by..long straight roads..horrible people in your day to day interactions..pretty warm in June, July, August..most of September..when I was there.I used to run down and cover the Fenix office a lot..people in Vegas complain about the heat in Fenix..doG bless..the humidity is a bit higher there, I guess all the open canals..and it is HORRIBLE...funny that someone mentioned no income tax..big costs $800 a year to put plates on your car..and your insurance is double the rest the country..thousands of miles to ride in though..and some neat stuff close by..

Spent a bit of time in So someone's a desert unless you're in town..expensive..sweet jesus..I built some fire training towers north of LA..per diem couldn't keep up.. No real opinion of it though..didn't live there..the company I worked for in Vegas had an office there, spent a bit of time there..bout it..

Now in's gray..rainy alot..but summers are EPIC..twisties are roading sux after being in Vegas..but it's just gotta drive for it..tons to see and do..every view is a post card..

Had family in Texas and my Vegas employer was based in Dallas..spent lots of time there..meh..bad public off road BBQ..yeah..I know you think you do..but you don't..

So..that being said..The PNWest has won the wife and I's hearts..we are getting ready to by 20 acres and start building a house..and embark on another little project that I soon plan to announce here in ADV Rider..

"Ignorance is a powerful tool when applied at just the right time..sometimes even surpassing knowledge.." EJ Potter
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