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going with KTM's tubeless rim/special rim-band set up..

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Thanks Zach but that isn't really my question....

The KTM Tubeless Rims are now available in 17, 18, 19 and 21" sizes..,,Woody's hasn't laced any of these sizes to older hubs?....Curious as to why...seems like a slam dunk for you guys....
soo i did a little research and came up with the following data/info....

a few years back KTM made some special rims 5x17 rear and 3.5x17 front that had a special set of grooves running concentric with the rim to the left and right side of the spoke dimples ...a special rim-band was inserted in the drop center effectively sealing the 's a link to some of that story:

i bought a set-up to see just what was cooking...i'm sure somewhere on the forum i even posted pics of them...we're told that KTM essentially used the same technique on the recent models in the sizes you mentioned.

FYI: these rims /special rim bands should interchange with most of your existing hubs. so on our part we'd charge for an OEM relace n true circa $100 plus the parts... if you want to enhance the strength and durability of your wheels you can upgrade to our time proven SUPERLACE $111 with one year warranty [includes re-angling /countersinking nipple holes PLUS a heavy duty SS spoke n nipple set circa $125+/- PLUS the cost of the KTM tubeless rim/rim band...when Superlacing i always listen to your needs and choose an appropriate/optimal spoke size and lace pattern accordingly.

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