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Originally Posted by khale View Post
I'm almost positive this will not be a popular thread.

Why do so many folks feel the need to 'farkle' their bikes. I'm just browsing Touratech's site and I'm looking at these prices just scratching my head. People are paying absorbent amounts of money to dress up their bikes and these aftermarket companies are laughing all the way to the bank.

Everyone knows having farkles doesn't help re-sale value (maybe it will help make a sale).

Personally, I'd rather save the money and invest it in a trip, or put it towards more long term goals such as retirement. I also use the money to use on camping/hiking gear that will have a real usable value, rather than an aesthetic quality.

Before people chime in defending farkles, I do know a lot of them serve a utilitarian purpose, such as wider foot pegs, PIAA lights for more visibility on the road for oncoming traffic, etc. People that are firm believers in farkling, do you try to buy farkles used first, to offset the jaw dropping sticker retail price?

So my question is, why do you farkle?
Lemme ask it in this manner. Does your wife, significant other, etc... wear jewelry? How many pairs of shoes? How about sexy lingerie? Would you look at a non farkled woman?

Just sayin....
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