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Clsoing thoughts

Since we weren't given an event evaluation form, I've taken some creative liberty to jot down my thoughts..

• Kudos to Ross! It’s clear there was a ton of work cut out for you and you certainly did an exemplary job!
• Liked the sheer variety of the activities and felt like the activities really tested rider and machine
• Loved the fact that scores were not based on “time to complete” each event
• Sat AM (dirt) ran much more efficiently. Having folks ride from one obstacle to the next was much smoother.
• While incredibly inefficient time wise, having to wait for the entire team to complete the on-road exercises built camaraderie.
• Drinks were plentiful in the Check Point tent
• Energy bars at breakfast were a great idea!
• Generator, air compressor and fuel were nice thoughts
• Although the time table slid, it appeared there was the proper number of personnel supporting the event from a safety perspective
• Loved the correctly sized, personalized moisture wicking shirt in the goodie bag
• Liked having the photog around
• Was fun enough that I would certainly encourage others to go and would probably return myself

Suggestions for improvement:
• Other than a two sentence email sent when I signed up months ago, pre-event communications was non-existent. Never even got a "welcome package" in the mail as you send for your classes. Aside from the fact the facebook sitehosted a few new photos, I am not even sure I would have known it was cancelled. BMW is a great propaganda machine usually over-communicates and can build up the enthusiasm for event day!
• The information for the event seemed fractured; some on the bmw motorcycle webpage (entry form), some info (time table, pics) on facebook. I don’t care where you put it, just coral it all in one place. Maybe have the summer intern doing the facebook updates including updates on event day!
• The road activities need better explanation. For example, the red lines on the sharp right/left turn were a surprise until you were on them. Were they scored?
• Activities seemed to range widely in points, and not correlate directly to how hard the activity was. Some activities were worth 10X (on-road slalom cones vs ride the boards).
• The water stations/potty stations for the on-road exercises were mostly inaccessible
• The Performance Center is known for the outstanding culinary food. While dinner lived up to the normal expectations, box lunches both days left the taste buds yearning. (More bananas, fewer apples!)
• I didn’t like the way the teams were assigned (by order we signed up). It seemed that teams that had more expert riders were able to demonstrate to other members a possible solution to the on-road events. Meanwhile, less experienced teams wallowed by trial and error experimenting for a possible way to succeed. It was certainly true of the riders in grouping #15-30. Also, while it’s fun to ride with new folks, it would also be fun to ride with folks we traveled down with. Maybe ask if we have traveling teammates on the entry form and balance the experience level a bit?
• Understand the need to stay in the order for scoring purposes, but really put a drag on he first and last rider of group.
• It's been 3+ weeks, and I am losing hope that we'll ever see our photos.
• The scoring Enigma. It wasn’t at all clear how much any event was worth, how many phases would be scored etc. It would seem that a GS event would probably have more weight given to the off-road events.
• Scoring was a (slow) monster. However, it’s also a problem that most other sports struggle with. No reason to re-invent the wheel, and maybe take look similar sports to see what they have done to minimize scoring delays.
• Might need to keep a better eye on weather. The forecast all but guaranteed heavy rain Sat afternoon; yet it didn’t appear any attempt was made to prioritize events. .
• The scavenger hunt took way too long to set, and too little time to complete. One suggestion might be to send teams over there one group at time. Every team is timed. Between each team, the items are reset to the same locations. This could be done concurrent to the “play zone”.

Thoughts for the future:
• It’s all about bikes. I believe the BMW offers some sweet deals to the car clubs if they fill an entire class. Have you thought about doing the same thing for the bike classes?
• Among my traveling group, we’ve been to 4-5 classes at the BMW center. However, of all those classes, we’ve only ever done **one** obstacle on the X5 course; the #8 hill after the teeter totter. Have you thought about hosting a trail-side training where you spend an entire day out there doing the same exercises?
• The gift shop in the main building doesn’t have a single motorcycle themed shirt, but some nice “M” shirts

Would I go back next time...yeppers!
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