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Originally Posted by spezjag
Well, I picked up my new XR-l on Saturday, and luckily the weather was good, so I rode from the dealer near my dad's in NJ to my home in Virginia, about 160 miles. Bike ran awesome, and got roughly 150 mpg. It idles a little higher than I would like, so I'll adjust that before the next ride.

Got a call from FMF, they don't make the exhaust I used to have (Ti-4 17" AMA). They only make the Ti-4 in the louder 14" (hard to believe the thing could be louder! )

Not sure about mods - the only thing so far is an XRs-Only temp dip stick - which was a great addition the first time. Just happy to be back on an XR-L!
You did mean 150mi per tank?
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