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Damn, Xymotic. Are you just here to tell everyone how much their state sucks and how great California is?

I bet you were one of those expats who spent a year there and had to move and just can't get over how awesome it was. Between the places I lived in California I spent almost twenty total years there living in the San Diego and Los Angeles metro areas, and I always had a bike. How many years have you spent there? Even if it is longer, I cannot stand this perception so many carry that it is the end all be all in great places to live. A lot of New Yorkers and Texans use to be that way but anymore they tend to be more humble. I also think it's sad how you came into this thread to pick apart the places some people live, but at this point I don't want you to stop, I want to see your reaction for each state and city- it's becoming quite the act.

Lane splitting is nice but saying there's no traffic is ridiculous... Unless you're one of those idiots who flies through the lanes going 60 when traffic is at a stand still, you have to still deal with traffic. Again, I LOVED lane splitting and wish it was legal everywhere, but to do it safely you have to do it selectively. Also, if you have a bike like my R1200GS Adventure with the big panniers on it like mine has, you will be lane splitting a hell of a lot less than a sport bike, unless you decide to take off your panniers and what self respecting ADV rider would do that?

Also, you are the biggest fanboy of any one place I've ever seen, ever. Even by California fanboy standards.

To the OP, you know what I suggest? Take a ride, visit all these places. Different strokes for different folks. You're suppose to be an ADV rider so go out there and ride to a bunch of places then figure out where you want to settle down. Pretty much anything in the Southern United States has year round riding.
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