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I love this thread so much. So much in fact that I am typing this from in-flight WiFi

Been to over thirty countries, lived in four different ones and been to most states in the US. Lived in Norcal, Socal, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Montana, & Minnesota.

Give Xymotic a break. Guy is making some great points, and they are well reasoned and thought out vs just being "fanboy".

And answer me this: I just did a Lee Parks Total Control cornering class. It was held at Camp Pendleton. The instructor informed us that in all fifty US states, the most motorcycles owned were:

1) California
2) Camp Pendleton
3) Arizona

Think about that for a second. A military base has more motorcycles than any other state in the Union except CA, which it's located in. What this means in actual practice, like people have said already, is that cages are more "motorcycle friendly" here and tend to notice you more just based on the total number of motorcycles out and about. Strength in numbers. No one gives me shit when I filter to the front of the line at stop lights, or lanesplit on city streets. Many move over.

I love America, and I love all of her States. No need to talk shit on any of them. But I chose to live in Socal despite all the crap you have to put up with here because you can do anything here as far as a motorcycle goes. And do it year round and have a lot of other folks to do it with.
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