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Originally Posted by Zeid View Post
"Just not as good as SoCal"

Says who? People from SoCal? People who live in SoCal? What makes the "Best Riding Road?" that is so completely bias and opinion based. One thing I didn't like is for me, unless you lived on the outskirts of the cities it was a lot further away than the twisties are here and they were generally not as well paved and cared for, not that they were bad. Honestly? The ride I miss the most in California is cruising up and down the PCH on a late afternoon. But now I go out through the beautiful desert and down trails filled with huge cactus and it's only 10 minutes from my house to get to that. Some one else even stated it and I agree, you can get into such desolation so quickly in the desert cities which is so incredibly nice, to get out in nature and away from the hustle. But again, it's totally dependent on what the person enjoys. We should be telling OP -ABOUT- the places and what makes them nice or what we enjoy about them, not arguing about which one is more awesome.

Also, no offense to anyone in uniform but trusting what the bike instructors say at Camp Pendleton is the biggest load of #%@$ I've ever heard. They work with the local dealers so the dealers can sell more bikes and their statistics are based completely off of what they say. Do you REALLY think Camp Pendleton (a marine base in California) has more motorcycles than the entire state of Texas? Arizona? Florida? Seriously man, get real.

Also, I had people cut me off all the time and even open doors on me when I was lane splitting (on purpose, in the street not the on the street parking but on the freeway).

Also, the only thing I was getting onto Xymotic about was exactly what you're telling me to do to him, giving people a break and not insulting why they like some where because they do. I've met people who absolutely LOVE and absolutely HATE just about everywhere.
Yeah, but your 'plus' is offset with 3 months of 100+ degree days, and a serious amount of 115-120 degree days. I think MOST people would say "ick" especially if you wear gear, and if you are a squid, sorry but the beach and lane splitting wins out again.

I didn't mean anything as an insult, but Phoenix was the most horrible atmosphere I've ever breathed in my life. #2 was Washington DC when I was a kid and walked out of the smithsonian I felt like I was beat up with body odor. and couldn't breathe. So jeeze when I say it's a nasty pit, I don't mean it to be insulting, (it's just a fact!)

Don't tell me that I'm wrong about my own personal experiences.

I like AZ fine, but I like Yuma and The Colorado River Valley a heck of a lot better than PHX. I like Utah, I like Nevada but they all have some major drawbacks regarding motorcycle riding that Socal just doesn't have.

I don't buy the pendleton thing either. I think Wa is #2 in motorcycle ownership per capita even ahead of FL & TX. It is amazing how many there are in the summer and how very very few I see out on the road with me in the winter WA is also the only place I've had a driver actually aim for me and charge.
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