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Originally Posted by xymotic View Post
With you 110%
It's why I finally got a bike and started riding.
And for the record Lots of full dress harleys and GS's splitting in Socal. Pretty much everything from LAX to Mexico is so wide it's really no issue to split even at high speed.

I will also say though that the traffic in LA is fairly predictable. Downtown Seattle, Portland other places have freeway traffic All day, every day. AND Socal also gets a win because you can actually get places using surface streets and most of the arterials actually have well timed lights and 50mph speed limits.

Orange County CA is the only place I've ever been in my life with a regular street with traffic signals and a 65 MPH speed limit.
Portland and Seattle traffic moves at one third the speed of smell...always..I have overheated my bike more in Portland, than I ever did in the heat..and sand..
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