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Originally Posted by glepore View Post
Good grief, Dario is a fortunate guy, all considered. I texted a friend moments afterward that I was concerned that he'd not walk again, and thank goodness I was wrong. That tub must be hella stout.

Sato seemed like a deer in the headlights in the interview...not entirely his fault perhaps, but still, with his track record...
the new tub seems extremely safe. as a sato fan, i was yelling at it until i saw the replay. i really can't pin that on him.

Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
Terrible wreck, really high speeds. I saw a tire bounding through the air untethered, apparently going over the fence. If it had landed in the stands, dead people I fear.
no question, they need to move the spectators away from the outside of the turns. even though that type of wreck is rare, when it happens it's bad.
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