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Continuing saga of the Patagonia Express

As you can see I had the first flat. I donít understand why running slightly off trail in the middle of a cactus patch to avoid the deep sand should cause such a mess but it did.
I checked the tire for thorns and found none so, I asked the safety engineer (Charlie) to double-check my work and got the seal of approval.
After our lunch stop (15 minutes at the gas station) I had the tire go flat again.
I figured I better get serious about that front tire problem. I did not want to hold up the group with my stupidity so I told Mil that I was going back to the gas station to fix my tire and would contact him and Drew when finished to meet up. In my pursuit of excellence in tire repair I discovered a thorn through a lug and was almost not poking through to the tube. I figure that every time I hit that lug on a rock it was poking my tube. I dug out the offending thorn and booted the tire because I had to damage the carcass. I patched the tube and left a message for Mil and Drew that I would meat them in Tubac at the market about 5:00 PM. I got to the market at 5:15 PM and it took me a few minutes to listen to all the voicemails on my phone. Drew said that they might not make it there by 5:00 and I might want to continue on. I left him a message that I would wait for them (big mistake). I got a call from Mil about an hour later saying that the Ghost and him along with a few other riders were slabbing it to Patagonia (about 90 miles) because of tire issues and something about being detained by the border patrol. I'm thinking about who else Mil can piss off today or was it the Ghost? I wasn't very concerned anyways because I think they are all US citizens with the exception of the Ghost. You can't be to sure about the nationality of Ghosts you know.
I began thinking maybe I should have stayed with the group. Doesnít sound like I would have slowed them down at all.
Drew finally called me and told me he was standing alone in the middle of the desert wondering where everyone went. I reminded him, as the ride leader you want to try to avoid that scenario. He said that they would be there soon. My next call (about 7:30 PM) from Drew went like this:
Drew: did you say you were at the market in Tubac?
YB: uh, yeah.
Drew: I think we passed it on the freeway.
YB: ok.
Drew: I think we are at ***** Canyon road exit.
YB: ok.
Drew: We will ride back to the market.
YB: uh, no. I will be there shortly.
I rode to the exit and we made a sprint for Patagonia arriving just in time for cold pizza and beer. It tasted good! We sat in the courtyard swapping lies and annoying the other guest just enough to get the manager riled. Actually the manager was super cool and the facilities were good. A+ for Stage Stop Inn. C- for the other guest. Bedtime in Patagonia!

More boring tales from the saddle later. Tomorrow starts the racing in Parker. Yehaaa.
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