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The images and following text are from mine and JB2's visit to Jesse Brown's cabin and the Cool Springs Baptist Church, from September 15th, 2004, on the morning we met photograper Scott Graham:

when we first pulled up to Cool Springs Church, we were the only vehicles save for a modest Subaru station wagon.

the owner of the station wagon, then, must be the fellow we saw in the field, with a camera on a tripod. always intrigued by photography - and photographers - i made it a point to discretely walk past the car and peek in the windows.

the car was crammed with every manner of "saleable" photographic item you can think of, from calendars to post cards to mouse pads.

cool, the guy's a pro.

we tried to respect his "space", and we were definitely quiet as we wandered around, but it was inevitable that we got in his shot on occasion.

i watched him as i checked out the spring house, looking for clues as to what he was and who he was.

finally, wanting to say SOMETHING (and since HE didn't seem compelled to start a conversation), i apologized to him for being pesky tourists and for getting in the way.

he thought for a moment, and looked up from his camera. "That's okay," he said with a smile, "I make a lot of money from pesky tourists."

i had to chuckle at his honesty. and sense of humor. i asked him what he "did."

"I shoot photos of the Parkway."

i asked him what his name was, then, so that if i happened to see some of his work up the line i'd know it was his.

"Scott Graham," he replied, "and you WILL see lots of my work."

i liked the way he said what he said. not boastful, but certainly not shy.

"I just finished a coffee table book called Blue Ridge Parkway - America's Favorite Journey," he said.

great, i said, i'll keep an eye out for it. we wished him well.

he was right. up the line i DID see lots of examples of his work, and i now have a copy of his book - signed, no less - sitting right next to me as i type these words.

there's nothing in it for me other than the feel good, but a quick search on Amazon would prolly take you right to it - it's a cool piece of work. (and, technically, it's by J. Scott Graham and Elizabeth C. Hunter, just so's ya know.)

yep, pe$ky touri$t$.
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