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(EDIT: I think the post I was responding to was nuked.
Here it is: "This. I've seen cars do it to semis and get hit. It's stupid to let your impatience put you in a dangerous situation.")

Isn't it all about being aware and choosing the safe option?

How many of these cars drove to the right of a semi with a right blinker on? Probably most of them. Some folks put so little thought into driving they simply ignore all the clues.

For those who do assess the situation and consider the possibilities this type of right turn can be done safely, when the conditions allow.

If the circumstances don't allow this safely, don't do it.

If a rider doesn't want to assess the situation and weigh the data before committing, don't do it.

Every situation is different. As many examples can be made for one argument as for the other. Bottom line is more about situational awareness than any gross generalization stating that it "always" safe or unsafe to do so.

Granted, for those whose life is full of belief in such generalizations it is probably best that they act as safely as possible, mostly because their mindset will hinder the process of assessment.

As always, YMMV.

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