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Originally Posted by IronJackWhitton View Post
Can be Dangerous, in my opinion, but obviously it depends on the intersection.

Lets say you are rolling up on your bike along the right hand side of cars because you are turning right, and the cars are going straight.

If oncoming traffic has an advanced green, they will just go and turn. And if the right-turn is into single lane, they may not see you turning right and when a car and bike attempt to both occupy the same lane, the bike looses.

I had this happen to me a month ago. Narrowly avoided becoming overly intimate with a Subuaru with minor hail damage on the hood -- Yes, it was close enough for me to observe that -- and all due to oncoming traffic having an advanced green.
"Advanced Green" ? Do street departments still use "Delayed Green" instead of left turn arrows? I haven't seen a Delayed Green on a city street since I was a kid.

When you're turning right on a red, you are supposed to yield to any traffic. If you were on your bike and turning right, you should've yielded to the left-turning Subie.
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