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Originally Posted by rocker59 View Post
"Advanced Green" ? Do street departments still use "Delayed Green" instead of left turn arrows? I haven't seen a Delayed Green on a city street since I was a kid.

When you're turning right on a red, you are supposed to yield to any traffic. If you were on your bike and turning right, you should've yielded to the left-turning Subie.
Absolutely correct, I should have yielded.

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by delayed green -- in my city we sometimes have "advanced green" in which a left turn arrow allows for left turning traffic before the general green light allows other traffic to proceed; we also sometimes have this same arrow AFTER the general green. It's always a separate light -- it doesn't always face both ways though (i.e. one direction of traffic may have a delayed green left turn arrow but the other does not). This was that situation.

So, I saw the lights facing me go to yellow, so I snuck around to the right of the car in front of me to make the turn. I did the usual check for traffic coming from the left (thinking the oncoming cars making a left turn also had a red light). Seeing the traffic from the left not moving yet, I proceeded into my turn.

The Subaru got her left turn arrow and whipped left, just as I was half way through my right turn. She didn't see me making my right turn; I presume because of the vehicle I was sneaking beside (it still wasn't her fault in my opinion).

She managed to stop before hitting me on the side, and I sheepishly gave her an apologetic wave and drove off.

Still - had I waited my turn, I would not have been sneaking beside a vehicle, and the Subaru would have had a better chance of seeing me earlier, and I of seeing them starting to move.

Now I know we are all responsible for our own safety and can't control other drivers and drive like your invisible etc. -- I get all that, but made a mistake, which was compounded by the behavior highlighted by the OP's question. So I think while in some cases this is a perfectly fine technique to use, it can increase the risk in some intersections.

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