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If I know the light just turned red, so I know it won't turn green as I'm beside the car wanting to turn right.

And I can see that the car in front of me with their blinker on does not have room to go by, so I know the car with their blinker on isn't just waiting for something I can't see.

AND I can reasonably infer that the car in front of that car is not going to turn right (takes more than a lack of turn signals).

Then I would go.

I've had people pull to the right of me to make a right turn when I was trying to turn right. In this particular case the road is poorly designed, as the right turn lane is a full lane width away from the right curb. But it wasn't cool for me to check for traffic and start to proceed to find that somebody else had placed their driver's door where I was trying to go. I've also seen people wait for a few seconds before deciding they had enough room to squeeeze by in their car.
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