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Originally Posted by IronJackWhitton View Post
I'm not 100% sure what you mean by delayed green -- in my city we sometimes have "advanced green" in which a left turn arrow allows for left turning traffic before the general green light allows other traffic to proceed; we also sometimes have this same arrow AFTER the general green. It's always a separate light --

I've never heard a "left turn arrow" referred to as an "advanced green", that's why I thought you meant "delayed green".

Basically, a "delayed green" was something used before the "left turn arrows" and left turn lanes came into common practice. In a delayed green, one direction of traffic would get the green before the other direction, allowing the traffic getting the green first to turn left. There would be a "Delayed Green" sign posted on the arm holding the traffic light. The delay would be something like 5-seconds, allowing a couple cars to turn left before the opposing traffic started moving. Obviously, this was not something for real high traffic. I used to see this in my hometown on streets near downtown that had no left turn lane. But, it's been thirty years since I've seen one.
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