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Originally Posted by ZLTFUL View Post
Maybe you were watching a different pass than I did but it is very obvious that Marquez knew he was there and turned into Pedrosa. I am not naive enough to think he intentionally had plans to crash Dani or anything like that but he forced contact that in no way was necessary.
You're telling me that you calculate contact into your "safe passes"?
Granted, it's been a while but if I forced a pass like that in CMRA, CRA or WERA, the guy that I caused to crash would be searching the pits for me to see if it was physically possible to punt my nuts through the top of my head or to see if he could invert my nose with his fist.
Marc could have easily ran that turn a little wide and not made contact in some valiant effort to force the pass on Dani...and then recovered within half a lap.
I don't ever plan contact and I don't think MM did either. He got in too hot, go tpinched between DP and the curb, then inadvertently barley touched DP's swing arm with his clutch lever guard (most likely). I don't think he was planning contact, just trying to stay on the track. If DP would have turned in a split second earlier, there would have been no contact. My point was while trying to set up a pass it is not uncommon to get in too hot and run up beside somebody.

First, that wasn't a "forced pass", it was a "got in too hot". And second, if you did the same thing at a club race, no one would know because that light touch wouldn't have done anything, much less cause a crash. The only reason it caused a crash here was TC, the poorly protected wire, and the poorly programmed system.
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