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Originally Posted by ADW View Post
Do NOT buy Stebel if you ever ride your bike in rain or wet or ADV conditions. I've had three die, they're pieces of shit unless treated with kid gloves. Loud as hell for about 3 weeks, then slowly die to a low moo.

EDIT: Why was I stupid enough to buy 3 if they're a POS? Bought original one, it died, took it as bad luck. 3 years later bought another, thinking maybe the quality had improved. Shortly it died. Contacted Stebel, they replaced it under warranty. That one died too, after about 6 weeks.

What I'd recommend instead of a Stebel are Goldwing GL1800 horns. Loud as hell, sound like a train, and Honda has great build quality. Pretty easy to find on CL or eBay. Make sure you get the GL1800 twin horns set.
The Stebel to buy has the air intake on the front that has a hose barb. The horn must be mounted vertically, and a tygon hose attached to the air intake, then run up under the tank or in some location where it will only ingest clean dry air. If this is done and a little light oil sprayed into the intake while the horn is operated at the time of every oil change, the horn will last a long time.
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