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Originally Posted by cb200t View Post
I don't want to clutter your thread up with pix of my bike, but here's the link to my intro thread showing a pic of the bike the day I got it, and roughly how it looks now. My build thread is in my sig line too if you're interested.

Looking forward to hearing about more rides on your CB!
Nice, checked out the rebuild thread, I should maybe start one on my CB (and on the SL125 when I get that. )

Weather turned cold and rainy and I'm off on vacation Saturday for a week at Los Cabos, MX so not sure when the next good long ride will happen as this is going to be a mostly fair weather bike (they don't make 6 volt electric vests, do they?).
Did go down to get a BIG box of parts from the seller, chock full of stuff for both the CB and SL, but I'll save that for the rebuild thread(s), not that I'll have anything nearly as challenging as what you're tackling.
Once I get the rebuild/restore thread(s) going I'll post some before pics of both along with progress reports as things get done over the winter.

thanks all for the great comments! Check back occasionally as we always get good days scattered in between the colder days (central east coast) that I will try to take advantage of. Next summer I may try a camping trip to a rally about 80-100 miles from home on the CB.

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