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It was this day we left Arkansas and made it to Oklahoma. And that is where things became a bit more interesting. But we'll get to that later.

There were some old bridges on the way.

During the morning we stopped to have breakfast on some pizza leftovers from the evening before.

Cold pizza and water. What is better to get you through the day.

This little fellow just made it to cross the track alive. We saw lots of them.

I like the advise on this sign.

This is actually the only sign that impressed us enough to make us take a different route.

And then Oklahoma said hello.
I had read about the mud you can get in Mississippi when it rains but nobody had mentioned the mud in Oklahoma. It had rain a little during the last night but the track was in good condition until we came to this part. It wasn't very long but it was like ice and enough to let Sandra slip a little bit.

And of course the bikes were getting a bit dirty.

Then the riding was ok again. There were more bridges

and the cloud were kind of dark. It was actually the only day in 3 1/2 weeks we got some rain and became wet from the top but not too bad.

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