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Originally Posted by JB2 View Post
The green Panhead rocks brother. It has that look. I see ya got the RK parked right next to her. She is one sweet bike.
10-4 on the Pan, too! This had all the makings of a great photograph, except the RK being in it really ruins the vibe of these particular bikes, the way they're parked, etc. These fellers came in well behind me, parking spaces were getting kinda skinny, and they pretty much colored outside the lines in their park job, which added a lot of potential to the potential photo. I shoulda pulled the RK outta the way and then worked the scene better with the camera, but shoulda, coulda, woulda and a nickel won't buy you a cuppa coffee these days, so what ya gonna do?

Back to the Pan: Yep, it rocks.

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