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bike shipping

Originally Posted by Johnnydarock View Post
Great stuff so far. We all like hearing about the bike prep as much as the ride. I had to re-read your earlier the bike already in England where you're starting? Or...are you shipping it there...or what? I'd like to hear the details.

More details of bike prep and grear are here:

I shipped the bike from Oakland to the UK with Kingstown Shipping. The agent in Oakland is called Alladin Shipping. Total cost was about $900.
It took about a month to arrive, 5 days to get unloaded from the container and clear customs and had to drop it off 2 weeks ahead of time, so I had a real time crunch to get all of the bike preparation done in time since I'd just come off of another ride around the western US:

When I first thought up this idea, I'd considered buying a bike and prepping in the UK, but this way way much better. Firstly, the DR650s are really uncommon there, and secondly I really needed the time to get to know the bike as I'm new to motorcycles entirely.
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