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Originally Posted by Bonerov View Post
I've been away from ADV for awhile, and just saw this thread. I am a bit shocked at the level of drama and butt-hurt that seems to be going on this year. I've only been to the last two of these, so I am a noob. Regardless, I like the Kernville spot. My first year I was on my strom and had some great road/dirt road rides all over the place. Last year I was on my plated smoker and had an absolute blast riding trails, some of which were pretty darned challenging.

For me, WARPED = Kernville. I have gone on a lot of VERY adventurous weekend trips, and those are great. For me, WARPED is not supposed to be about all out adventure. It is a gathering of grumpy FFs during which obscene amounts of beer are consumed, stories are traded, and a bit of riding happens (or not). Again, I'm a noob and I recognize that my opinion doesn't hold the same sway as some of the old timers....
Alright,now Im many folks will bring dirtbikes in trailers this year? Im thinking of hauling my 200 or 530 down but it would be good to have other like minded loons to ride with .
A bike with out a plate would be fine in Jawbone would it not?

6 hours of slab is too much for the 530.
Some bikes around at times
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