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Originally Posted by JB2 View Post
Nah, the RK doesn't upset the vibe at all. I was giving you props for picking the coolest bike in the lot to park next to. Knowing you were there first doesn't change a thing. The other two bikes may have had the vibe from a 100 feet but a Fatboy with apes and a modern Sporty in a rigid frame with the tank held on by radiator hose clamps is nowhere in the same league as the Pan or the RK... IMHO anyways.
The hose clamps are a nice touch.

Thanks for the props. The RK is cool and all, but the Pan is the big dog on that particular porch. The vibe I liked was the position of the three sleds, the angle of the apes, etc. With the RK outta the picture I could have made (or, at least, tried to have made) an epic image, focusing on the Pan, of course. It's all good.

One more from Sunday, for anyone who digs pearl white Road Blings:

This bike is a rolling accessory catalog. Road Kaching?
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