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Originally Posted by BGil View Post
I suppose that I'm not a true wild camper then because I care about legality.

Look at it this way: if you know it's legal, you don't need to be too careful, leave at dawn, etc. You feel at ease, can relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee/tea in the morning before leaving.
I will second this approach and throw out the following question:

When riding a moto in the countryside, outside of bigger towns and cities, are land owners approachable and agreeable to permitting a low impact camper?

If you are a reasonable person here in the Western US, there are a few shotgun toting land owners but many are not and you stand a reasonable chance of being accepted. Really, there is so much 'public land' that this is rarely an issue. Quite different from the regions we're discussing but pertinent due to the large number of opportunists popping up during our Federal shutdown.
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