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Goodies for Daisy!

So here's what i go on Daisy so far! Hand down best purchases yet are the pelican top case and the bar risers... WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

Ok so the OEM fog lights are first. I really really like these especially since i commute, it make me much more visible even the day time! I can post some pictures of the difference between with and without the lights at night if anyone is interested. But definitely a great purchase.

Triumph crash bars. Nothing fancy but needed for the simple offroading i will do. I went on a small ride two weeks ago. Laid her down due discalculating the ditch depth. She landed on these, handlebars and topcase. No damage at all, but then again i was completely stopped.

Tops case and how i mounted it. Pelican case 1510. Absolutely love this thing! Submerged it with some rocks for 48 hours at the bottom of my pool and not a single leak. I mounted them with nuts i could easily remove in an event i would need to remove them... i would proud of myself for thinking of these!

The dash. Nothing too fancy. Have small ball mount that i got from my gps and last three bikes. I found an adapter plate which i super glued to a cheap iphone case that way if i needed just small navy or somewhere to place my phone to charge i could just clip it in.

This is the mount for the iphone. Super simple, cost me $5 and works extrmemly well. Super glued the piece to the case just to be sure. Works like a charm!

Powerlet to 12v cigarette lighter. Plugged a 12v to usb thingy and got the retractable iphone charger on ebay for i think $2. With that i can just plug it and leave the phone charging either on the mount, or even in my pocket! The cable is long enough and this way there is no mess of dangling wires.

Last but certainly not least, the Rox bar risers. These things are fantastic! I just tested them today on my way to work and these are fantastic! Makes a huge different!

That's all for now! Got a huge list but gotta wait. This is probably much less fancy than what you other fellas might have but i found stuff that are cheap and make my life easier. Next bug purchase though are side racks (probably twisted throttle) and Sea Horse 720s.
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