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Originally Posted by Yellow Pig View Post
Hey Mike. Do crashbars fit Multis? I thought they hit the dash at full turn?
We are going to find out. The stock handguards dont and these will essentially be replacing them, so i'm fairly confident ill be good to go. Barkbusters has a kit that fits also, but who wants that stuff. :)

Originally Posted by theantipaul View Post
Thanks for that Basher and the return business, if you can send me some pics of your Multi, we haven't done anything like that yet. We got you covered on the TS.

Might have to have you run the thing up here some day.
I will be honored to take a ride up to your place to check out the Multi.
I would like a top bracket but the bolt spacing is wider than what you have engineered currently. I'm out of town working, but might get the wifey to get you some pictures of the stock handlebar setup on it.
Thanks again Paul for the hookup!
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