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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
Why does lane splitting come up at nearly every discussion. It is quasi legal in ONE state, and while some like to believe the world revolves around CA, it does not!

At any rate, going around is just asking to get creamed around here! A loud horn is the best you can safely do.

Because CA is better. Why would you sit back 4 cars? Why would you let someone's inattention either piss you off, or make you sit there for another cycle or two? Time is money, if someone wastes my time, I go right around. To just sit other because you might get ran over? Fuck, if you're scared buy a Prius. To sit and cower because you might get hurt, is for pussies. Man up, take control, get the fuck out of there. You do know that this is a dangerous form of transport, right?
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