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Amen Questor! I could not believe the punishment this bike withstood for 2 weeks, day after day. Hard hits to the front and rear, bottoming the forks and shock, tires hitting the under plastic, water up to the headlight, buried in mud, big rock hits, tips/crashes, constant shock and vibration for weeks. These bikes are just incredible. We had ZERO mechanical issues and not even so much as a flat The 990 truly is the tank of motorcycles. I rode the 1190 R at the rally and it wasn't my cup-of-tea. Felt very street-oriented, I'd get a sportbike again if I wanted something like that. No upgrade for me this sense messing with something that's working perfectly.

Jason and his boys on the GS Beamers are no joke, those guys could ride. Changed my whole perception of what a big 1200 could do. That side trail we did with them was a blast, there were cow patties, rocks and sticks flying all over and everyone was getting airborne on the whoops. I was behind one of the GS guys leading and he was getting huge air...both wheels way off the ground. I guess we were too, it was awesome. Big smiles and lots of high fives at the top. Next time, we need to take a GoPro. My buddy Steven works there.

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Great descriptions of the riding up the passes.
I guess we know why they call them the Rocky Mountains.
These bikes can do amazing things if you trust them and hold on!

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